1. At First Sight
  2. Carnivore
  3. The Ledge



The Band:

Cero Cartera  – Vocals, Guitar

Tom Hoy – Lead Guitar

Chika Obiora – Bass

Ian Costello – Drums


In the Press:

“A shape shifting collection of hard hitting tracks” – Impose

“Rife with the passion and energy that is surely present when the band takes the stage” – Rabble Rouse the World (4 out of 5 squirrels playin’ a banjo)

“Honest, Powerful music that pumps into your system like a good Old Shot of Adrenaline” (9/10) – Free! Magazine

“From Below knows how to write some groovy jams” (⅘) – Jersey Beat

“Shooting straight from the hip with a death ray of psychosis inducing brand of self described Garage-Prog, NYC based band From Below rip, rock, and roll with an impressive live and recorded acumen” – Speak Into My Good Eye

“From Below tear it up, loud, scorching guitars, pounding beats…if they were playing in a bar, I would be looking for a safe place hanging close to the bouncer, while the kids pound into each other close to the stage.” – 50 Third and 3rd

From Below has also been featured on The Discovery Hour on Breakthru Radio, The Rodent Hour, Real Punk Radio, Pissed Off Radio, Rocker’s Dive Radio, Straight to Your Head podcast, The Shut Up Kids podcast, and Firebrand After Dark Magazine.